The Chakras Vertical Garden

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As most of the population is flocking towards cities, the culture of living in apartments is booming. This leaves us with no garden space in our homes. Our solution to this problem is the development of vertical gardens that includes rooftop farms, balcony herb garden, jungle field walls, and moss walls. These are not only spectacularly beautiful but also help to reduce carbon dioxide and increase oxygen levels in the air resulting in better air quality. Vertical Gardens are the future in reducing Global Warming and Urban Heat Island Effect.

Our Gardens

Indoor Vertical Gardens

Creates A Natural Ambience

Works as a air purifier

Soothes The Mind

Absorbs Sound

Indoor living walls are certified as factors that enhance both concentration and productivity due to the soothing effect of natural green color. It Acts as natural insulation and records upto 30% insulation for hot and cold air which inturn saving your electricity.

Outdoor Vertical Gardens

Beautifies The Walls

Insulates And Absorbs Heat

Purifies The Air

An outdoor vertical wall garden requires little to no maintenance and minimum little effort and labor. It is ideally fit for all locations. It protects buildings from heavy rainwater which leads to the management of heavy stormwater and provides thermal mass.

Moss Walls

Soaks Water From Steam

Dehumidifies The Atmosphere

Provides Calming Efect To The Brain

Moss walls look beautiful and also serve the purpose of dehumidification of the atmosphere. The natural green color of the moss wall has a soothing effect on our minds. Its dehumidifying nature makes it ideal for indoor spaces.