The Chakras Squad

I believe that farming is an art and a true farmer creates form from his/her vision. Like every other form of art, farming has ample room for creativity and exploration. This flexibility is something that keeps me motivated to try something new with it which adds value as well as solves problems.

— Pranay Kumar
    Founder & CEO
In a country with a high market demand for food as India, it is important to develop an efficient method to deliver healthy produce at a reasonable price throughout the year. We at The Chakras Farm are determined to bring quality produce to the market with minimum cost involved.

— Kishu Kumar Singh
    Chief Marketing Officer
It's finally the time for farming to make use of technology and evolve eventually to meet modern needs of the society.We at The Chakras Farm are very excited about it.

— Manish Kumar
AI expert

Anmol Pandey

Technical Support


Maheshwori Khatiwora

Technical Support


We aim to use the best of tech to revolutionize traditional farming and bring you fresh organic produce from our hygienic farms in Sikkim.

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