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  • Muladhar – Microgreens DIY Kit


    Our Muladhar – Microgreens DIY kit is
    especially designed for both – your
    workplace and home/kitchen gardening

    Use:- Add these tiny greens to any of your favorite cuisines


    This DIY Kit Contains:-
    Grow Bags (Eco friendly Non-woven) :- 4 Nos.

    Soiless Growing Media :- 1 unit

    Sunflower Microgreen:- 50gms
    Mustard Microgreens :- 50gms
    Radish Microgreens:- 50gms
    Beet root Microgreens:- 50gms

    Spray Bottle :- 1 nos.

    Log book & Pencil:- 1 Set

    Gardening Gloves & Scissors:- 1 set

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